Haru X

Up for a challenge? Try Investing.
Aim for maximized return with a minimized risk.

Aim Higher With
Minimized Risk

Haru X is managed by global asset manangement partners who meet our strict selection criteria. To minimize the risk, Haru X works with investment strategies with low to medium risk.

Investment Strategies

Based on crypto-specific market environment, Haru X uses balanced combination of investment strategies to maximize the return.

We Don’t Charge Fee
Unless You Earn

Don’t pay any fee unless you earn over 10% Annually. The performance fee is 1.8% of the total principal plus returns.

Product Information

This Product targets 25% APR based on low to medium risk investment strategies of our asset management partners. The main strategies of the product are two-fold: pricing/settlement mechanism of perpetual future market and market making strategy.

Product NameHaru X
Product TypeFixed-duration Fund
Asset TypeBitcoin
StrategyQuantitative Trading
Target Return25% Annually

Performance History

- Data before ’20 July is a simulation performance data of our strategies.
- The actual performance record is reported on a biweekly basis.
- This product has the risk of losing principal.


How do you operate Haru X?

With a 25% annual target return, Haru X allocates your assets to low-risk, medium return strategies of our asset management partners.
These partners monitor the market status and volatility to maximize the profit and reach the target return.

Can I withdraw my deposits before its ending date?

A premature withdrawal during the investment period is not available.

Do you guarantee the principal?

We do not guarantee the principal and return on your investment.

How do you report the asset management performance?

We report the asset management performance of Haru X every two weeks. The report is available on our official website.

Does historical data guarantee future asset management performance?

The historical data above is solely intended to help you understand how our investment strategies performed during the past several months. Thus, It does not guarantee future performance or return.