Haru Switch
The easiest way to
swap and buy crypto

No hidden fees

Swap instantly with no hidden fees ever.

Easy to navigate

Place an order at the price you want, without ever leaving the app.

Join the pool

Earn by contributing to the community-driven Switch pool.

No hidden fees

Swap instantly with no hidden fees ever.

Swipe and swap
cash for crypto
It’s finally here. Now you can buy crypto on our app without any extra fees on our part, because we believe convenience should come at a low cost.
Partnered with Mercuryo
Mercuryo has partnered with over 170 companies to provide secure payment services like ours.
Buy crypto any time, with no additional verification steps needed.
Haru Switch is <b>powered by you</b>


Haru Switch is powered by you

Switch is a community-driven pool where you can contribute your assets and earn from swap transactions.


Become a
liquidity provider

Stake your assets in the Switch pool to maximize your returns according to the market.

Farming Just Got Easier
Invest in Switch Pool as liquidity provider and experience the great potential of yield farming
Product Type
Asset Type
Investment Period
3 Months+

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy crypto with any type of credit card?
We currently only support Visa and Mastercard.
How long does it take for my crypto purchase to get deposited in Haru Wallet?
It depends on the currency but you can expect to get your deposit anywhere from 5 minutes to up to 3 hours. You can check your order status in Order History for the latest updates.
Can I swap assets that are currently locked up in Earn Plus and Earn Explore?
Switch will only be available for assets that have not been locked up - meaning you can swap what’s in your Haru Wallet.
What are the fees and how are they determined?
The service fee is 0.2% to your total Switch amount and is subject of change at the sole discretion of the company.
How long does it take to swap?
You can swap instantly with Market Switch at market rate or makes reservations to swap at the price you want using Limit Switch.

Managing Your Crypto Asset Has Never Been Easier

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