Haru Switch

Need to swap? Just Switch!
Exchange and farming just got easier


Enjoy competitive pricing with no gas fee and no hidden fee.

Easy & Convenient

Avoid the hassle of going to multiple platforms, easily swap between cryptocurrencies.


Contribute to the community by becoming a liquidity provider and farm for more crypto.


Enjoy competitive pricing with no gas fee and no hidden fee.


Haru Switch is powered by you

Switch is a community-driven pool where you can contribute your assets and earn from swap transactions.

Haru Switch is <b>powered by you</b>


Seamless exchange
for everyone

We made it easy to swap your coins with transparent pricing and strong security features / secure transactions.
Designed and built for newcomers and experts alike, take advantage of the market with different order options.

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Pick your pair

Switch BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or XRP at your convenience.


Want to be a
liquidity provider?

Start staking and generate high returns!
The fees go back to you.
As a liquidity provider, you can earn rewards as swaps happen.

Farming Just Got Easier
Invest in Switch Pool as liquidity provider and experience the great potential of yield farming
Product Type
Asset Type
Investment Period
3 Months+

Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn as a liquidity provider?
The service fee is 0.2% to your total order and is charged once your order is completed.
How can I join as a liquidity provider?
You can join as a liquidity provider through a Earn Explore product - Farming Just Got Easier. You will have to choose your asset type and lock-up for a fixed period.
Can I swap assets that are currently locked up in Earn Plus and Earn Explore?
Switch will only be available for assets that have not been locked up - meaning you can swap what’s in your Haru Wallet.
What are the fees and how are they determined?
The service fee is 0.2% to your total Switch amount and is subject of change at the sole discretion of the company.
How long does it take to swap?
You can swap instantly with Market Switch at market rate or makes reservations to swap at the price you want using Limit Switch.

Managing Your Crypto Asset Has Never Been Easier