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Experience new way of investment with combination of crypto and digital art


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Experience new way of investment with combination of crypto and digital art

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Freeze Marketplace
Sell your Earn Plus lockups and Frosts, buy new ones at a discount, and unlock even more redeemable benefits to enjoy the next level of crypto investing. Only at Haru Invest.
Crypto and digital art combined - Frost
Turn Earn Plus lock-ups into Frosts by freezing them. Frost is a Collectible with intrinsic value.
New opportunities
with Collectibles
Freeze your Earn Plus lock-ups into Collectibles and discover new investment opportunities while continuing to receive stable earnings.

Frequently asked questions

What is Frost? How do I make it?
Frost is the Collectible form of Earn Plus. You need to freeze an Earn Plus product to get a Frost. Frost comes in different shapes and colors depending on the asset type and the amount of cryptocurrency in your Earn Plus lock-up that you froze. There are seven unique Frosts for each asset type.
What is a Crystal? What reward can I get?
Crystal is the Collectible reward given to users who have collected a full set of Frosts and completed a Collection.
Crystal has a unique graphic to celebrate each completed Collection.
The Crystal’s rewards are:
- Earn Plus earn rate boost
- Earn Explore management fee discount
- Crypto provided in Earn Plus lockup (when melted)
What are the benefits of buying on the Marketplace?
Depending on the frost, you can get a higher yield than the remaining period.
Can I sell Earn Plus?
Seller has to convert Earn Plus to Frost to sell on the marketplace.
Melt Frost after purchasing to change Frost into Earn Plus.
Are Frosts and Crystals NFTs?
Currently, Frosts and Crystals are not NFTs yet since you can’t export and trade them on other platforms.
We will support exporting Frosts and Crystals to other platforms in the near future.

Freeze and boost
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