Simply lock up
for a bigger return
what your earnings could be
15 Days
By locking up
1 BTC for 15 days,
you will earn
BTC in total.
Build it on your own,
Match your needs
Select cryptocurrency
Choose the asset you want to put to work.
Small or big, the amount is up to you.
Flexible lock-up period
Set your lock-up period from 15-365 days.
The longer your lock-up, the higher your earnings will be.
Withdraw earnings freely
Withdraw your earnings anytime you want while your principal is still at work.
Compound Daily
All your earnings are automatically reinvested daily. This way, your daily earnings grow more each day.
Earning made easy.
Enjoy stable earnings with Earn Plus today!
With a simple lock-up, you will receive the highest earn rates in the market.
Product Information
Product Name
Earn Plus
Product Type
Fixed-Duration Earning Product
Asset Type
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD
Lock Up Duration
Customized between 15 to 365 days
Payout Frequency
Earn Rates
Frequently Asked Questions
What does Haru Invest do with my deposits?
To ensure the security of our clients' assets, we transfer assets deposited at Earn Plus to a cold wallet securely managed by Block Crafters. Your deposits at Earn Plus are managed by global asset management partners of Haru Invest, which generates stable profits using the following strategies. The in-house asset management team focuses on extreme low-risk trading based on Market Neutral Trading and market inefficiency. One of the other strategies includes a corporate loan to asset management firms subject to our strict due diligence process. Our asset management partners who meet our selection criteria maximize profit with risk-free/extreme low-risk trading strategies. These include arbitrage trading, market-making, and other risk-free strategy based on market inefficiency.
Can I withdraw my deposits before its ending date?
A premature withdrawal during the required lockup period is not available.
Can I make additional deposits to my Earn Plus account during its lockup period?
You cannot make additional deposits to your Earn Plus account during its lockup period. To make more deposits at Earn Plus, you can open up a new account. There is no limit on the number of Earn Plus accounts that you can open.
Is there a fee to use Earn Plus?
There is no fee to open or make deposits to Earn Plus.
Do earn rates of Earn Plus change regularly?
The earn rates of Earn Plus are subject to change based on the market transaction volume and price volatility of BTC and ETH. Your earn rate becomes fixed when you open a new Earn Plus account and will not be subject to change during its lockup period. Earn rates change every two weeks. Updates on earn rates can be found on our official website or via email.