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Earn Like the Best

Invest with the global top trading firm’s most profitable strategy.

Target Rate (Annual)

25% +

Asset Type


Investment Period

3 Months +

Recommended for:
  • Those who are targeting higher investment returns in addition to the returns gained from Bitcoin price changes

  • Those who want to invest in the price volatility of the market but find it difficult to manually trade cryptocurrency due to the rapidly changing market

Product Information

The system automatically finds cryptocurrency with the most price fluctuation on the market at any moment and trades between those exchanges that allow you to gain the maximum possible profit. This strategy aims to generate maximum profit while minimizing the risk of loss by hedging against the inefficient points on the crypto market that create volatility. This product is recommended for those who want to follow the investment strategy of global top tier crypto traders.

Product Name

Earn Like the Best

Asset Type

Bitcoin (BTC)

Investment Period

Matures on last day of three months
after subscription, extension possible.

Minimum Amount

0.0001 BTC


Algorithmic Hybrid High-Frequency Trading

Target Return

25% Annually


0% fee if under 15% APR return
15% fee of the total profit if over 15% APR return

Product operating start date



If you invest today,
your maturity date is 2023-08-31.

On the maturity date,
investment + earnings is automatically transferred to Haru Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a recommended investment period?
This product is recommended for investors aggressively seeking returns. Share in the earnings of a global top tier crypto trader with a strategy that maximizes returns by using hedging to minimize the risk of losses and taking advantage of the inefficiency of the volatility occurring on the crypto market. While the goal is to make continued profit, due to the possibility of losses from unexpected market swings, the basic operating period is at least 3 months, with 6 months of continuous investment recommended.
Where can I find details on the trading strategy?
Strategies that take advantage of market inefficiencies have a short lifetime. The skill of a global top tier crypto trader is determined by how quickly they can catch new inefficiencies occurring on the market and how quickly they can devise a new strategy to take advantage of them. Details of our trading strategy are kept confidential to maintain the strategy’s success and profit.
What is the expected risk of this product?
Extensive simulations have been made based on past values and revenues are generated based on strategies for which actual field verification has been completed, with earnings occurring regardless of fluctuations in the Bitcoin price. That said, investment losses are possible due to unexpected market changes or flaws in the blockchain itself. This product is subject to the risk of partial or complete loss of the principal invested. The burden for any loss or reduction in the amount invested lies solely with the investor and Haru Invest does not hold responsibility for such risk.
By investing in this product, you may risk loss of principal. Past performance data is provided for reference purposes only and should not be deemed as financial advice or a guarantee of future profit.
A specific return rate is not guaranteed and investment return may fluctuate depending on the operating performance of the invested asset.
The information provided in the description and guidance of this product is based on previous data but provided on an AS-IS basis without warranty, as accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed.
Performance reports are updated twice a month (mid-month and end of month) and emailed to all users invested in this product.
Investment settlement may take up to 3 business days following the end date.
For business inquiries,
contact us at corporate@haruinvest.com
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