HARU Earn Explore

your investments.

Keep investing while you’re asleep. The automatic investment algorithm follows the strategy you choose and monitors the market 24/7 to create earning opportunities for you.

Select the investment strategy and
target a high return rate.

  • Keep your hands off trading

    The system monitors the market for you 24/7,
    automatically buying and selling crypto to generate a high return.

  • No Requirements

    No need to have coding skills or financial knowledge, no high minimum investment amount.

  • Zero Fee

    Try using a strategy designed by professionals with no management fee. There is no fee unless earnings exceed 15% APR.

Invest in opportunities traditionally reserved for institutions.

With Haru Invest, use experts’ strategies to invest with no investor requirements and even with small amounts.


Product Name

Management Fee

Performance Fee

Investor Requirements

Minimum Amount
(in USD)




Differs by segment
(Avg. 30%+)

Accredited investors



Digital Asset Fund



Accredited investors


Haru Invest

Haru Earn Explore


15% of the total profit
(if return exceeds 15% APR)



Industry Average

PWC Survey
(avg. reply by 50 companies)



Institutional investors
(Over 90%)

Differs by operator

Check your investment performance biweekly!

Your Haru Earn Explore performance is calculated twice a month on the 15th and the last day of each month and published within 3 business days.


How do you manage Haru Earn Explore?

Haru Earn Explore allocates your assets to low-risk, medium return strategies of our asset management partners. These partners monitor the market status and volatility to maximize the profit and reach the target return.

Can I withdraw my deposits before the ending date?

A premature withdrawal during the investment period is not available.

Do you guarantee the principal?

We do not guarantee the principal and return on your investment.

How do you report the asset management performance?

We report the asset management performance of Haru Earn Explore products every two weeks. The report is available on our official website.

Does historical data guarantee future asset management performance?

The historical data is solely intended to help you understand how our investment strategies performed during the past several months. Thus, it does not guarantee future performance or return.


  • Return on investment fluctuates depending on the operating performance of the investment asset and we do not commit to a specific rate of return.
  • This product has risk of losing principal, and previous operating results do not guarantee future profits.
  • The information used in the description and guidance of this product is based on previous data, but its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed.
  • Investment settlement may take up to 3 business days from maturity date.