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Haru Earn

Earn daily without locking up your asset.
Withdraw anytime.

Start earning
with Haru Earn

Haru Earn is a gateway to all the products at Haru. Make deposits without a minimum requirement. Earn from day 1.

Earn Everyday

Every single day counts at Haru. Earn based on your total balance each day.

Withdrawal 24/7

Want a withdrawal? No problem.
Withdrawal is available anytime you want.
Stay flexible with Haru Earn.

Product Information

Product NameHaru Earn
Product TypeNon Fixed-duration Earning Product
Asset TypeBitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD, Terra KRT
Lockup PeriodNot Required
Payout FrequencyDaily
Earn RatesVaries (Biweekly Notice)


What does Haru do with my deposits?

To ensure the security of our clients' assets, we transfer assets deposited at Haru Earn to a cold wallet securely managed by Block Crafters.

Your deposits at Haru Earn generate stable profit through a risk-free Arbitrage Trading, Market Neutral Trading based on Perpetual Future Market mechanism, and extreme low-risk Trading Strategy by a professional asset management team of Haru.

As your assets at Haru Earn are available for withdrawal anytime, they are managed by our in-house trading team.

How can you pay out earnings with no lockup requirement?

With our in-house asset management team, we remain flexible to manage your deposit at Haru Earn. To keep it available for withdrawal anytime, your deposit at Haru Earn generates a stable profit based on short-term trading strategies.

Is there a maximum limit on my earnings?

You can deposit up to 5BTC, 200ETH, 50,000USDT, 50,000,000KRT for each cryptocurrency at Haru Earn. You can deposit your assets that exceed these limits to Haru Earn Plus and get access to higher earn rates.

Is there a fee to use Haru Earn?

There is no fee to open or make deposits to Haru Earn.

Do earn rates of Haru Earn change regularly?

The earn rates of Haru Earn are subject to change based on the market transaction volume and price volatility of BTC and ETH. They change every two weeks. You can check the earn rates update on our official website or via email.