Limited supply

Mining is even easier
with Haru Mining

No hardware needed and no extra fees.
Invest USDT and earn BTC every day.

Guaranteed Principal

You’ll always get your principal for every lockup.

Fixed Rates

Get up to 15% throughout the entire lockup period.

USDT Investment

Invest with USDT and earn BTC.

Daily Dividends

Withdraw your BTC dividends anytime.

How it works

Haru Mining

Mining made easy

  • No expensive hardware or expert knowledge needed on your part.
  • Simply choose a lockup period to start earning.

Guaranteed principal with daily dividends

  • Your principal is guaranteed once your lockup ends.
  • Invest USDT and earn BTC every day to earn steady profit.

Fixed rates

  • Enjoy a fixed dividend rate regardless of market volatility.
  • If you’re investing in BTC long-term, this product is for you.

Traditional Mining

Complex process

  • Traditional crypto mining requires expert knowledge of hash functions as well as powerful mining hardware.

Maintenance fees

  • Mining hardware, software, maintenance fees, and immense power consumption all contribute to the hefty cost of mining.

Fluctuating rates

  • Your profit is highly dependent on factors such as market price and hardware efficiency.

Guaranteed principal with
daily BTC dividends

Get fixed dividends in your Haru Wallet every single day and withdraw them any time you want.

Limited supply

Don’t miss out on this launch

Supply is limited for Haru Mining and you won't want to miss out. Choose your lockup period below and sign up to get notified as soon as this product goes live.

3 Years2 Years

10,000 USDT

Total amount I’ll earn for 3 years
0.18 BTC
Dividends I’ll earn every day
0.00016438 BTC

Which lockup period is right for you?

Earn BTC for 3 years

15% Annual Dividend Rate

Earn BTC for 2 years

13% Annual Dividend Rate

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Since launching in 2019, we’ve used an algorithmic trading model to invest crypto assets for members in over 140 countries and have amassed $2.1 billion in transactions to date. The Haru Invest vision is to create opportunities that lead to ultimate financial freedom and we hope to provide you with a smart and secure platform that truly does so.

JV Partner with

partner-powre Holdings Limited, a high-density computing proof-of-work digital mining and fintech company, operates government-approved mining facilities in both Canada and Paraguay. In efforts to expand the digital asset value chain, Haru Invest led a round of $9.2M Series A funding for in June 2022 and received recognition as a corporation following a $150M investment.

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