The big ideas behind
earn rates

Most players in the industry chose the deposit-lending system as their business models. In this structure, what borrowers pay the service determines how much you can earn. At this point, the industry average for lending rates is getting lower - and so is the maximum earn rates you can get elsewhere.

At Haru Invest, we do not have borrowers for your deposits. Instead, we invest them for you with minimized risk. That’s why your earnings at Haru Invest can go higher than at the other services.

When the market fluctuates,
we surf on it.

We allocate your assets to various strategies that turn market volatility into profit.

Some of the strategies that we work with include :
  • Arbitrage Trading that leverages BTC and ETH price gap between crypto exchanges
  • Market Neutral Strategy based on the price stability mechanism at futures exchange
  • Spread Trading that focuses on the volatility of BTC/ ETH futures contract

Sounds Complicated?

It's your turn to earn with these strategies,
without barriers.

This is why only a few investors with substantial seed money and expertise have had access to these strategies. This way, they have earned a profitable yet stable return. Haru Invest breaks down the barriers to such strategies for every investor.

Start Earning Today
No Matter How Much You Own.

No Fee, No Barriers.