Your guide to our new referral program: Refer and Earn

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching our all-new referral program Refer and Earn in October 11.

Take a look below to see what’s changing.

CategoryCurrent Beta ProgramNew Program
Referral Dashboard Not availableReferral reward updates available on your personal dashboard.
Welcome Referral RewardNot available Give and get $25 in BTC when your friend signs up and meets the welcome referral reward requirements. (Reward amount is subject to change).
Referral LevelOne level available
Multiple levels available
Earn Referral RewardGet 5% of your friend’s earnings from Haru Wallet, Earn Plus, and Frosts.
Get up to 5% of your friend’s earnings from Earn Plus and Earn Explore (depending on your referral level).

0.2% Earnings

Your friend gets 0.2% more earnings for 2 years when they sign up with your referral code
Your friend will no longer receive 0.2% more earnings for all lockups created after the program launches in early October.
Ambassador ProgramBeta versionComing soon


Host & Friend

  • Host: all Haru Invest members with unique referral codes
  • Friend: New users who sign up with your referral code
    • Users who sign up without your referral code are not counted as friends.

Welcome Referral Reward

  • What is the Welcome Referral Reward?

    • This is a $25 BTC reward both you, the “host,” and the “friend” you invite receive once your friend signs up with your referral code and meets the lockup requirements. (Reward amount may be subject to change).
  • Who can get the welcome referral reward?

    • Friends who create a new Haru Invest account or friends with existing accounts who have never created a lockup are eligible to receive the Welcome Referral Reward. When you invite an eligible friend who then meets the lockup requirements, both you and your friend will receive this reward.
  • What are the lockup requirements for receiving the Welcome Referral Reward?

    • The invited friend must lock up at least $500. (Crypto market price is determined by the price listed on Coinmarketcap the day before the lockup is created).

Earn Referral Reward

  • What is the Earn Referral Reward?
    • The Earn Referral Reward is up to 5% of your friend’s earnings. (Only earnings from Earn Plus and/or Earn Explore are valid for this reward).
  • Who can get the Earn Referral Reward?
    • Hosts with unique referral codes and who are at a specified referral level are eligible to receive the Earn Referral Reward.


  • How can I check my referral level?

    • Your referral level is determined by the number of invited friends who meet the referral requirements.
    • You’ll be able to check your referral level once Refer and Earn officially begins.
  • How long will I be able to receive the extra 0.2% earnings from the beta program?

    • You will be able to receive the extra 0.2% earnings until Refer and Earn officially begins. (Also applies to new lockups and auto renewals).
    • For example, if user A creates a 270-day Earn Plus lockup on October 9, user A will receive 0.2% more earnings until their lockup ends. However, user A will not be able to receive 0.2% more earnings when they renew their lockup.
  • Can I request my own referral code before the new program launches?

    • We will fulfill all requests for unique referral codes after Refer and Earn begins on October 11.

If you’ve been participating in our beta referral program, Click below to learn more about upcoming changes.

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