Update: Changes in Withdrawal Fee

There will be a change in the withdrawal fees for Haru Invest members starting on October 5, 2022, based on the current withdrawal fees we currently charge.

Haru Invest members, starting on October 5, 2022, there will be changes made to our current withdrawal fee.

As many of you have mentioned in our 2nd AMA about withdrawal fees, the ETH withdrawal fee will be reduced from 0.005 ETH to 0.004 ETH.

For USDT, it will increase from 1 USDT to 10 USDT. This decision was made in order to sustain the operation of our products, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding.

*There are no changes to BTC and XRP withdrawal fees.

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You can always swap your coins on the Haru Invest app without having to withdraw to an exchange.

Fee updates:

  • BTC: 0.0001 BTC
  • ETH: 0.005 ETH → 0.004 ETH
  • USDT: 1 USDT → 10 USDT
  • XRP: 1 XRP
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