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Your security is our utmost priority

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At Haru Invest, your security is our utmost priority and always will be. Read on for more information on how we protect our members’ assets.

Directly Managed Assets

Haru Invest directly manages all our customer’s deposits with our in-house trading team and global asset management partners. We do not rely on external CeFi or DeFi platforms. Regardless of the rapidly changing crypto market, our in-house trading team has steadily increased our members’ assets with our strategic trading partners who have undergone thorough evaluation.

Due Diligence

Additionally, our strategic trading partners satisfy our strict conditions for a partnership to lower the risk based on a portfolio strategy by distributing assets across various strategies. Each of our trading partners has undergone our thorough review and evaluation of company structure, trading expertise, and capabilities in addressing diverse financial scenarios.

Strategic Operations Haru Invest is not and has never been backed by a lending model; we do not lend your assets for earnings. Since the start, we’ve used an algorithmic trading model with strategies that generate consistent earnings by identifying gaps and inefficiencies in the crypto market.

Systematic Risk Management

Ensuring zero financial risk for our members is our first priority–which is why we don’t apply any high-risk strategies subject to the price fluctuations of the market. We don’t apply any high-risk strategies subject to the price fluctuations of the market. Instead, we implement mid-high frequency trading, focusing on the absolute number gain of your crypto assets, operating strictly according to compliance standards, and carefully monitoring all possible risks.

Multi-layer Security System

Our platform implements mid-high frequency trading, which focuses on the absolute number gain of your crypto assets. We operate strictly according to KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and KYT (Know Your Transaction) compliance standards and carefully monitor all ongoing and possible risks from both internal and external standpoints. Haru Invest is partnered with BitGo, trusted by 700+ institutions in over 50 countries, to keep your assets safe and secure.

Last but not least, Haru Invest requires members to undergo multiple layers of security in order to successfully complete each of our transactional processes. All assets on our platform are transacted through our partner and digital asset custody provider BitGo, and all keys are protected by a hardware security module.

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