If you’ve been participating in our beta referral program

The following information will answer any questions you may have about our new referral program.
Welcome Referral Reward
  • Can my invited friends receive the Welcome Referral Reward before Refer and Earn launches?
    • Friends who have never created a lockup will be able to receive the Welcome Referral Reward if they lock up at least $500 once Refer and Earn starts.


  • Can a member retroactively become a friend even if they didn’t initially sign up with my referral code?
    • Unfortunately, we will no longer be retroactively applying referral codes to existing accounts. However, you can invite other new friends with your unique referral code.
Earn Referral Reward

Will I still be able to receive the referral reward from the beta referral program?

  • This referral reward, now referred to as the Earn Referral Reward, will be given to hosts according to their referral level.
  • Please note, we will be sending all beta program participants a small thank you gift to show our appreciation for participating in our program thus far.
Referral Level
  • How can I check my referral level?
    • Your referral level is determined by the number of invited friends who meet the referral requirements.
    • You’ll be able to check your referral level once Refer and Earn officially begins.

Thank you for having participated in our beta referral program and we hope you’ll look forward to the launch of our new program, Refer and Earn.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Support anytime.

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