Haru Invest’s All-new Referral Program is Here! 

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Everyone’s long-awaited Haru Invest Referral Program is back! The more friends you invite, the more you’ll earn. Let’s take a detailed look at our new Referral Program before you start. 

Q. What’s the new Referral Program about?

Haru Invest’s new Referral Program is about receiving 10 USDT when your referred friend meets the referral requirements. Follow the three easy steps below to get the reward! 

  1. Have your friend open an account with Haru Invest using your unique referral code/link. 
  2. Your friend must create an Earn Plus or Earn Explore lockup with a minimum of $100 for 30 days. 
  3. After one business day (UTC time zone), both you and your friend will get rewarded, and the rewards will be in the form of an Earn Plus lockup of 15 days.


Q. What’s the Earn Referral Reward?

The Earn Referral Reward is available for Hosts for Level 2. Once you invite 10 or more friends successfully, you will automatically promote to Host Level 2, and will receive 2% of Friends’ Earn Plus and Earn Explore earnings to their wallet. 

Learn more about the Referral Host Levels here.


Q. Where can I check my unique referral code?

  1. Register/login to your Haru Invest account and make sure to complete Identity Verification.

  2. Click on ‘My Reward’ on the top right of your screen to open the referral section.

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  3. Copy the unique referral code, or share the link directly with your friends.

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  4. Ask your friends to create a Haru Invest account and complete the Identity Verification steps as well.

  5. Once they deposit and create a lockup amount over $100, both you and your friend will receive 10 USDT within a day in form the form of an Earn Plus lockup of 15 days. 

Q. Who can participate in this Referral Program?

The new Haru Invest Referral Program is available for certain residents from Latin America, Spain, and Mexico. (Based on May 3rd, 2023) 

These countries include: 

  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Paraguay
  • Bolivia
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Spain
  • Brazil

Q. Can I track my rewards?

If you are a resident of the countries listed above, you can check the ‘Invite History’ under ‘Refer and Earn’. Check your referral reward grows as you expand your community!

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Q. Is there any limit on inviting friends to this Referral Program?

You can refer an unlimited number of friends, but they must be new to Haru Invest. 

We are more than excited to see you expand your network with Haru Invest’s new Referral Program. The more friends you invite the more you’ll earn!

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