How to Earn Interest on USDT

If you aren’t actively using your cryptocurrency, then it makes sense to try to earn interest on it. Depending on your goals, looking for a way to earn USDT interest will likely be the smartest idea. Take a closer look at this stablecoin, why it’s a good choice, and how to earn USDT interest.

If you aren’t actively using your cryptocurrency, then it makes sense to try to earn interest on it. Depending on your goals, looking for a way to earn USDT interest will likely be the smartest idea. Take a closer look at this stablecoin, why it’s a good choice, and how to earn USDT interest.

What Is USDT?

USDT is the symbol for Tether, the most popular stablecoin. As a stablecoin, Tether is pegged to another asset, specifically the US dollar. USDT was designed to be always worth $1 (USD). This makes USDT a fiat-backed or fiat-collateralized stablecoin. The creators of Tether theoretically maintain vast USD stores, which let them keep the price of USDT stable.

Why USDT Is the Best Choice for a Stable Return

There are two main potential goals when you invest in cryptocurrency. You can try to increase the number of cryptocurrency coins you have or the total value. An example of the first would be if you buy a coin and earn interest on it, while the latter would be if you buy and hold a coin and it increases in value.

The issue is that either of these strategies comes with a fair level of risk for most cryptocurrencies, due to their volatility. The second strategy, in particular, is risky because the coin’s price may drop dramatically. You can counter that somewhat by also earning interest to increase the number of your crypto. This way, if the value per coin rises, you increase your profits, and if it decreases, you hedge your losses or even break even. Either way, however, you won’t necessarily get a stable return.

USDT is different because it is a stablecoin. As mentioned, it is worth $1 per coin now and should maintain that value in the future. So, of the two strategies mentioned above, the first will work perfectly, and the latter would not make any sense.

In other words, because you know that 1 USDT will always be equal to $1, you know it will maintain its value. This means that as you increase the number of USDT you have, you always increase the overall value of your investment. This is furthered by the fact that the US dollar is among the most stable fiat currencies in the world.

What Are the Earning Opportunities for USDT Interest?

Once you know that earning USDT interest is one of the smartest crypto investment strategies, how do you go about doing so? There are several methods that will yield USDT, but some are better than others.

Yield Farming With USDT

One option is yield farming. This is when you stake or lend crypto to generate interest. Essentially, yield farming gives liquidity providers incentives to lock up or stake their cryptocurrency assets in a liquidity pool that is based on smart contracts. Depending on the type of yield farming, your profits may come from interest from lenders, a governance token, or a portion of the transaction fees.

There are two important caveats. First, understanding yield farming and doing it effectively is incredibly challenging. On top of that, it is very risky. If your goal is stability, that high risk is counterintuitive.

Staking USDT

Another popular option is staking USDT. The term staking comes from Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies, which gives users rewards for staking or locking up cryptocurrency. However, the term has extended to include crypto savings accounts that let you earn interest on cryptocurrency. This is an important distinction because USDT does not use a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

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That means that if you choose to engage in USDT staking, you will technically be depositing it into a third-party account and receive interest in return. There are many options available, but most have lockup periods during which you can’t access your crypto.

USDT Lending

The idea of USDT lending is pretty straightforward. You lend USDT to someone, and they pay you interest for the opportunity to borrow it. This is the same general idea as if you borrow fiat from a bank and they charge you interest on the loan.

The difference is that with USDT lending, you can use smart contracts to add a layer of security and reduce the risk of scams. At the same time, you have to be aware that all crypto transactions are final. So, if you make a mistake and “lend” USDT to a scammer who then disappears, your crypto is lost.

You can overcome this by using a third-party website that connects lenders and borrowers. These tend to have safeguards in place, but they still aren’t foolproof.

Automated USDT Trading With Haru

Perhaps the best way to earn USDT interest is via automated USDT trading with Haru. Haru actually offers several options depending on your goals and interests.

Haru Earn and Haru Earn Plus are crypto savings accounts with several unique features that separate them from other methods of USDT staking mentioned. First, there is no lockup period whatsoever with Haru Earn, and you get to choose the lockup period with Haru Earn Plus. On top of that, the interest compounds daily, helping it grow more quickly.

The other option, Haru Earn Explore, is more of an investment strategy. It relies on an automated investment algorithm created and monitored by experts to track the market 24/7 and trade for you. The Surf with the volatility account lets you invest USDT without any investment knowledge, as the algorithm takes care of it.

How to Start Earning on Tether

Starting to earn USDT interest is as simple as registering for Haru. Just visit the Haru Earn Explore page or the signup page. You will be registered in a matter of minutes and ready to deposit your crypto to start earning. We have a dedicated product for USDT interest seekers, check it out.

How Much Can I Earn?

For full transparency, Haru publishes its biweekly performance figures and weekly earn rates. The latest biweekly return for Surf with the volatility, the USDT investment product, was 0.8385%, which is 20.40% annualized. The latest weekly earn rates for USDT were 7.5% for Haru Earn and up to 15.0% for Haru Earn Plus.

So, if you’re interested in USDT, try out Haru and start earning today.

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