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Get 2% cashback for every lockup 🔄

Learn to Earn Crypto Programs

There are programs that you can join to earn crypto while you learn. Find out how to earn bitcoin or others while you learn.

There are plenty of ways to earn cryptocurrency. One way of doing this is through the growing trend of earning crypto while learning. This is such a popular option that several learn and earn crypto sites are now available. Continue reading to learn more about how this works and some great places to earn crypto while you learn.

Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto

Before you start using learn and earn programs, take time to understand the basics.

What Are Learn and Earn Crypto Programs?

The basic idea of learn and earn crypto programs is simple. You get paid to learn about crypto. So, you follow a brief course, read articles, or watch educational videos about cryptocurrency. In return, you get the opportunity to earn crypto.

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Earn?

One of the most common options is to learn and earn Bitcoin. This makes sense as Bitcoin is the most popular and largest cryptocurrency. But there are opportunities to earn a long list of cryptocurrencies depending on who promotes the learning. Some other cryptos that you can earn include BAL, COMP, XLM, MLN, GRT, RLY, FORTH, and more. The opportunities to earn some of these cryptocurrencies may be somewhat limited, but they still exist.

So, What’s the Catch?

The catch in these programs is that the website teaching you about crypto has an ulterior motive. They are very transparent about this. They simply want you to use their website. Essentially, the website you use to learn and earn crypto is where you end up storing your earned cryptocurrency. You use their wallet or handle exchanges using their service. Sometimes, exchanges will work with other crypto projects for promotional purposes.

The only condition is that you typically have to make an account with the given website to earn and learn. This may involve verifying your identity. At the very least, you will need to supply an email address. Think of it as a company offering you a free sample. Their intentions to turn you into a customer are clear, but you have no obligations and get something free in return.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the platforms that let you earn and learn.

Get cashback for every lockup

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Get cashback for every lockup

Receive unlimited 2% cashback for limited time only.

Coinbase Learn and Earn

Coinbase is easily among the best-known learn and learn programs. As soon as you create a Coinbase account, you can start earning. Coinbase has rotating earn and learn programs, and they have been around for a time.

In the program, you are tasked to watch a short video or set of videos. You are asked to complete a short assignment or take a short quiz. Once you pass the quiz, the crypto goes straight into your account. Most courses give you $3 to $6 worth of rewards.

Binance Learn and Earn

Binance is another major player in learn and earn, and it is the largest crypto exchange worldwide. However, Binance only offers the learn and earn program to new users who sign up and are able to verify their account in three days.

It is also worth noting that these programs tend to have other requirements. For example, you may have to buy some crypto before earning rewards. Luckily, the requirements vary by campaign, so there are options on Binance that don’t require an initial investment. Another example of requirements is social media post sharing.

CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap is the popular price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies. The website’s earn program is based on various partnerships, so the opportunities rotate. The best way to stay up-to-date on the latest promotions and opportunities is to check CoinMarketCap regularly. In the past, they have had opportunities to earn LUNA, SAND, and SUSHI, among others.

Phemex Learn and Earn

With Phemex, you watch videos and complete a quiz. But you don’t receive a specific cryptocurrency. Instead, you receive a credit in USD to your account, which can reach up to $16. You can then use this to invest in your chosen crypto. This makes it a good choice if you want more flexibility with what you earn.

Cake DeFi Learn and Earn

As is common, Cake DeFi has you complete modules to earn cryptocurrency. The learn and earn courses are still limited, but there are plans to expand the offerings. The first course, for example, teaches you about DeFiChain, and you earn $5 of DFI tokens.

Brave Rewards

An alternative to traditional learn and earn programs is the Brave browser. This browser features the BAT (Basic Attention Token). You earn token rewards by watching ads. You get to choose the number of ads you see every hour and get paid for watching them. Additionally, even by watching those ads, your privacy is respected. The browser also has the rewards program built into it, making it easy to learn more about crypto. Average internet usage will usually earn you about 10 to 20 Euros a month in BAT.

Earn Crypto While Learning on KuCoin

KuCoin recently launched its learn and earn program. In this program, there are timed assignments where you watch videos or browse articles. The timer counts down for about 20 to 30 seconds, then you receive USDT tokens.

Earn With Haru Invest

If the idea of earning cryptocurrency while you learn is appealing, you may also want to think about other ways to earn crypto while doing something else. Haru Invest offers cryptocurrency savings accounts and managed crypto investments. You get to earn crypto interest with no effort on your part. The algorithms use a range of strategies, so your crypto is essentially liquidity mined, staked, lent, or invested for you.

Since you don’t have to do anything actively, you can work on other things while earning crypto. With Haru, you can earn crypto while working, sleeping, or watching a movie. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll earn crypto on the side.


Learn and earn programs reward you with cryptocurrencies in exchange for taking time to learn about and possibly use a particular cryptocurrency. There are multiple sites that offer this program, enabling you to learn a new skill and earn a little extra crypto (or cash). If you want a little more freedom, consider Haru Invest and get the flexibility of doing whatever you want as Haru’s algorithms grow your crypto for you.

Earn crypto with Haru Invest.


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