Best Crypto Social Trading Platforms for Copy Trading

Trading cryptocurrency is growing in popularity as digital currencies become more accepted. It is becoming clear that they are here to stay. But for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading platforms or trading, in general, may feel overwhelmed by trade signals and developing trading strategies.

Why You Need to Follow a Strategy

It is complex to create trading strategies, but you need them when trading cryptocurrency for the same reasons you would when trading any other asset class.

The most important reason you need to follow a trading strategy is to have guidance for your future trades. It prevents you from getting overwhelmed by all of the information available and not knowing how to compile and use it to influence your decisions. Having a strategy lets you focus on fewer aspects, such as just the prices instead of the news, making it easier to execute trades.

A strategy also helps you prevent emotional trading. Emotional trading tends to be not very well-thought-out, although there are exceptions. This makes it riskier. With a strategy in place, though, you are less likely to engage in this type of trading. That’s because you will hopefully take the extra step to confirm that your planned trade matches your strategy. It similarly prevents you from overtrading.

For those who are still too overwhelmed to figure out their trading strategies or simply don’t want to put in the time and effort needed to create one, copy trading is a good option. Copy trading lets you automatically copy the movements made by more experienced traders who have developed their strategies. 

Haru Invest Product: Experts Will Handle Your Crypto

Haru Invest takes copy trading to the next level by not requiring you to explicitly copy anyone. Instead, the experts at Haru automatically take care of all the investing for you based on their expert-designed strategy. Think of it as close to following copy BTC traders but without an extra step.

The Expert’s System

The experts behind Haru Invest have carefully created a system that monitors the market 24/7 and automatically buys and sells cryptocurrency to optimize the return.

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No Requirements

Anyone can use Haru Invest, taking advantage of cryptocurrency copy trading with ease and without the need to learn how to use a cryptocurrency trading platform. Because the experts at Haru Invest take care of everything for you, you don’t need financial knowledge, coding skills, or to understand trading strategies.

Other Platforms

Several other websites offer copy trading or similar accounts to Haru Invest, but they tend to fall short.

  • 3Commas: This service lets you use crypto trading bots to implement trading strategies created by others.
  • Coinmatics: This is a cryptocurrency trading platform that includes copy trading. There are at least 40 traders you can choose to copy, and already 3,000 people are copying those trades.
  • eToro: This is primarily a social trading platform that gives you access to copy trading across cryptocurrency and other asset classes.

Comparing Haru Invest to Others

If you look at the previously mentioned copy trading options for crypto, you will notice a few common issues that you will not find with Haru Invest.

Need to Set up and Use a Trading Platform

Most of the above services are traditional copy trading. This means that you need to create an account on a compatible cryptocurrency trading platform and learn how to use it. You then copy trade using trade signals that automatically copy the trades of those you follow.

In other words, you have to through the hassle of setting up two accounts, one with a trading platform and one with the copy trading platform. You then have to connect the two. This can entail a steep learning curve for some.

By contrast, Haru Invest doesn’t require you to learn to use any platform. You only need to create a single account with Haru Invest. The algorithms and experts take care of everything for you, without any effort or annoying initial setup on your part.

Who You Follow

The other big difference between Haru Invest and other platforms is whose trades or trading strategies you follow. On the various platforms, you are left to choose accounts to follow yourself. This gives you control, but it also puts you at high risk. It means you have to use the limited information available to figure out what experts you can trust.

This is different with Haru Invest, as there is just the choice of two main strategies, both created by experts. You can trust the credentials of those who developed the strategies, thanks to Haru’s strong track record, including with crypto fund management.

What About Compared to Expert-managed Crypto Assets?

While Haru Invest lets you copy BTC traders to an extent, its design is closer in some ways to a managed crypto investment fund. There are a few important ways that Haru Invest stands out from other options within that category.

  • Haru Invest doesn’t require any investment or trading knowledge. On the other hand, other platforms require investors to be accredited, which typically involves proving some market knowledge.
  • Haru Invest does not charge a management fee, while most platforms charge 2-3% or more.
  • Haru Invest only charges a performance fee if you have returns of more than 15% APR and then it is only 15% of your total profit. By contrast, other platforms typically charge performance fees of 20-30% regardless of profit.
  • Haru Invest lets you start investing with just $10, while most other platforms require a balance of $25,000, $100,000, or more.

How to Start With Haru Invest

When you are ready to start copy trading cryptocurrency and letting experts grow your investments, it is easy to get started with Haru Invest. Visit the website and click “Start Earning” in the top right corner of the page.

You will enter your email address and choose a password. Enter some basic personal information, make a deposit, and get started. Just keep in mind that you will need to verify your account with KYC guidelines before withdrawing. This is quick and simple, just requiring an official ID and proof of address.

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