Top 10 Crypto Portfolio Trackers for 2022 (Reviewed)

Trading cryptocurrency is one of many ways to make a profit from your crypto. But you need a method of tracking your portfolio to gauge your returns. Luckily, various crypto portfolio trackers do just this for you.

Trading cryptocurrency is one of many ways to make a profit from your crypto. But you need a method of tracking your portfolio to gauge your returns. Luckily, various crypto portfolio trackers do just this for you.

Why You Should Track Your Portfolio

The reason to track your portfolio should be pretty straightforward – how will you know if you made a profit or loss on crypto unless you track it?

You may think that you can log into your account on crypto exchanges or trading platforms and check. But most people trade on more than one exchange, as this lets you take advantage of the best rates and the widest selection of cryptos. That makes it much harder to track all of your cryptos. This is where crypto tracker apps come into play. They can track your accounts on multiple platforms in a single place, giving you an overview.

What Is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

Simply put, a crypto portfolio tracker lets you track all of the most important information about all of your cryptocurrency. This includes cryptocurrency in various wallets. It also contains cryptocurrency on exchanges, platforms, and blockchains.

The apps will track your transactions, the value of your crypto, and sources or destinations.

Many apps will also help you plan future trades by sharing live pricing data, sometimes even across multiple exchanges.

What to Look for in a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

The best crypto portfolio tracker will let you track all of your cryptos, even if you have them stored across various platforms and exchanges. Most have similar functionality, but some will be easier to use or give you more information than others.

Pay special attention to the following features:

  • Support for the exchanges or wallets you use
  • Support for the coins you trade
  • Real-time tracking
  • Historic data
  • Mobile applications
  • Bots for automated trading
  • API integrations

Haru Invest Automates Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Before you decide to get a crypto tracker app, you should know that there are also other options. Remember that a tracker app only tracks your crypto for you. It won’t trade it (usually), and it certainly won’t make trading decisions.

This means that you have to research cryptocurrencies and decide what to trade, how much, and when. This requires a great deal of time and effort, along with technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Even then, you can’t monitor the markets constantly. You have to sleep and eat, and you likely have another job.

This is where automated crypto management, like Haru Invest, comes in handy. Our experts at Haru carefully designed an algorithm that trades 24/7. They also constantly ensure the algorithm is up-to-date. This means that you can trade 24/7 while taking advantage of expert advice. This eliminates the need to spend all day reading about various cryptos and the market fluctuations. Instead, your crypto is in expert hands.

List of Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps

Whether you want to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or rarer altcoins, the following are some of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps to consider.

Coin Stats

This platform tracks cryptocurrencies with a total value of over $100 billion. It supports more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies, 34 wallets, and 26 exchanges. The platform is a popular choice, with over a million users.


CoinMarketCap has an impressive 11,000 cryptocurrencies in its database. To add your crypto, you only need to type the information in, including the amount and relevant dates. The website and app also list more than 300 exchanges. It uses the exchanges to get its data. is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange, but it also lets you track crypto from the hosted wallets. You can track in real-time, including viewing past crypto prices. You can even group your crypto and look for traits like newly added or top gainers.


Koinly is cryptocurrency tax software, so crypto tracking comes from that main function. You can use it in more than 20 countries, and it gives you a free report preview. It also supports Form 8949 and TurboTax.


CoinTracker is particularly useful if you want to take advantage of tax-loss harvesting. It also lets you break performance down by currency or crypto. You get real-time reporting, 8,000 cryptos, and the ability to automate capital tax gains.

Bitsnapp Portfolio

If you want a free tracker, this is an excellent option. You can sync your crypto with more than 25 API integrations or track and charge more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies.


Like several options on this list, Pionex is more than just a crypto tracker. It is primarily a crypto trading bot, but it also lets you track your cryptocurrency. There are 18 free trading bots, as well as various paid options. for DeFi lets you track your cryptocurrency via updated information. It also lets you track stocks and even games. This makes it a strong choice if you have a range of investment types.


Consider Altrady if you are an advanced investor. You can use it for many of the major exchanges and take advantage of trading bot integration and interactive charting.


Delta is incredibly popular, with a million global users and support for more than 3,000 crypto assets. In addition to tracking crypto, it tracks trading fees. Moreover, it has ICO services for those times an exchange doesn’t support your coin of choice.

Let Experts Handle Your Crypto

Remember that controlling your trades and constantly tracking them is not the only way to earn crypto. You should consider a managed crypto account. That saves you from the steep learning curve of trading crypto and lets you rest easy knowing that your crypto is in the hands of experts. Take advantage of the team’s successful track record and collaborations with top digital asset management firms around the world.

Instead of going through the hassle of using one of the crypto tracker apps and making your own investment decisions, let the experts at Haru handle your crypto.

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