Crypto Passive Income: Top Strategies for 2023

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, they offer a lot of potential for investors. Below are some ways investors can streamline their investment process to earn more money each month.

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Passive income means using your assets to earn more without active participation. There are several ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, including lending, staking, trading, and mining. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, they present a lot of opportunities for investors.

This article defines what passive income means for investors. Furthermore, it goes into detail on the various ways investors can increase their monthly crypto passive income.

Passive Income: What Does It Really Mean?

Passive income is the money you regularly earn from a business, rental property, or other investment vehicles in which you don’t actively participate. There are several types of passive income. Self-charged interest, real estate investing, stock, and affiliate marketing are some of the most common that people use.

Only recently has crypto become an option that investors consider.

Is Crypto Mining Passive Income?

Crypto mining was originally the only way people could earn passive income with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a one-of-a-kind fiscal tool that allows anybody who has internet access to take part in a decentralized economy. This includes the possibility of earning passive money.

Mining is the mechanism through which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies produce new tokens and validate new transactions. Decades earlier, anybody with a competent desktop computer could participate in the activity. But as the blockchain progressed, so has the processing capacity necessary to keep it running.

You can automate crypto trading with Haru Invest

Enjoy the highest earning rates in the market with top performing trading strategies.

You can automate crypto trading with Haru Invest

Enjoy the highest earning rates in the market with top performing trading strategies.

How to Earn Passive Crypto Income

There are several ways to passively earn crypto income. Keep in mind that crypto assets are volatile. Investing in them will involve a certain degree of financial and personal risk.

Here’s how you can start your crypto earnings in 2023:

Automated Crypto Trading

Automated crypto trading uses algorithms (a.k.a. crypto trading bots) to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on an investor’s behalf. These programs are designed to respond and adjust to market fluctuations to trade at the ideal moment. It eliminates the element of unpredictability involved in trading. Furthermore, it removes the emotions typically involved with manually purchasing and selling cryptocurrency.

There are various crypto trading bots, each with its own set of features, functions, and pricing. The most prevalent are arbitrage or grid trading bots.

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Interest-bearing Digital Asset Accounts

A crypto interest-bearing account is a service offered by many digital asset financial service companies. Here, consumers lend their digital assets to the company in exchange for crypto interest. The company then utilizes those client assets to produce revenues through transactions such as lending to third parties, staking, or buying other digital assets. The promised income to stakeholders is generated from the anticipated income from such transactions. 

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Crypto lending involves depositing your cryptocurrency with a provider who will then lend your assets to borrowers in exchange for periodic interest payments. These payments also take the form of cryptocurrencies and are often deposited and compounded monthly, weekly, or daily, depending on the contract provided by the company.

Centralized and decentralized crypto lenders are the two main kinds of crypto lending platforms. Each provides access to high-interest rates, often as high as 20% annual percentage yield (APY). They generally require borrowers to deposit collateral in order to obtain a crypto loan.

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Cloud Mining

Cloud mining creates cryptocurrency without the need for mining equipment or software. This allows investors to mine cryptocurrencies without having to oversee their own assets. Typically, third-party suppliers rent computer resources to miners. This eliminates the need for miners to invest in their own resources, which often demands a hefty initial expense.

There are two main cloud mining frameworks: Hashing power leasing and hosted mining.

Hashing power leasing involves leasing a set amount of hashing power from a cloud mining operator in order to mine cryptocurrency. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to invest money to set up your mining equipment.

On the other hand, miners that use hosted mining rent physical equipment from a cloud mining company. You’ll need a decent internet connection as the cloud mining gear will be placed in your house or business. You must also keep it in excellent operating order for mining by providing enough cooling and ventilation.

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Dividend-earning Tokens

Certain crypto tokens can earn investors dividends that can count toward their passive income. Dividend-paying cryptocurrencies normally pay out immediately, so investors don’t need to do anything.

Some examples of crypto dividend-earning tokens include:

  • AscendEX (ASD)
  • Bibox (BIX)
  • KuCoin (KCS)
  • NEO (NEO)
  • VeChain (VET)

Any of these five might work for you if you wish to earn passive income from your crypto assets.

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Yield Farming

Yield farming is a way to earn incentives or interest by pooling your cryptocurrencies with assets from other users. The collective assets are then utilized to perform smart contracts, such as crypto lending, in exchange for interest. Most investors choose yield farming as their investment vehicle as it has the potential to earn high-interest rates.

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Crypto Nodes

Nodes are collections of computers cooperating to support a cryptosystem by validating transactions and maintaining the blockchain, or digital ledger. In other words, all devices connected to the blockchain are referred to as a node.

Almost everyone may invest in a blockchain node by converting an existing gadget into a mining machine. If you wish to operate a complete node, you must have some type of collateral, based on the specifications of the individual network you’re accessing.

Acquiring a master node can provide you with a continuous (and passive) source of money in the form of additional currencies.

Airdrops and Forks

Airdrops are a marketing technique wherein crypto is sent to wallet addresses for free or in exchange for a minor service, such as reposting content issued by a crypto company. A crypto airdrop’s ultimate purpose is to raise awareness and circulation of a new token or currency. However, it could also be a great way to start earning passive income.

A blockchain fork occurs when there is a change or improvement in a protocol, which leads to the creation of a new currency. If you possess coins on the previous chain, you can acquire free tokens on the new network.

Crypto Games

Online gaming grows more popular by the minute. Crypto games present a great way for gamers to earn passive income through gaming. A few popular games on the market today include Gods Unchained, Axie Infinity, Ethermon, and The Sandbox.

NFT Staking

You can now earn incentives with your NFTs without selling them through a process called NFT staking. Staking is the process of placing a coin in a blockchain network and collecting incentives for not selling it while it is staked. To earn incentives without having to sell the NFTs, they can be staked on a staking platform.

It’s similar to a bank time deposit in that you deposit a set amount of money and receive interest on it. You can deposit NFTs and get payment in NFT staking instead of depositing money.

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Learn and Earn Programs

Learn to earn is a method of earning cryptocurrency by studying about it. Providers can offer you free tokens solely for completing specific tasks or quizzes. This is not only a terrific method to learn more about cryptocurrencies, but it also allows you to earn some free money.

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Which Crypto Is Best for Passive Income?

There are several cryptocurrencies that are currently being touted as the best for crypto passive income. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USDT, USDC, and Uniswap. Each coin offers unique benefits, so the currency you choose should be the one that meets your goals.

Does Passive Crypto Income Make a Difference in Your Monthly Income?

Crypto provides a unique way for you to earn passive income. However, there is a certain degree of risk involved in the activity. You could double or even triple your investments with cryptocurrency. On the flip side, you could also lose all your assets in one fell swoop. Choose your investment vehicles wisely.

Trading cryptocurrencies is the best method for earning passive income using cryptocurrency. Although the daily average volume of cryptocurrency trading is about 1% of the foreign exchange market, the crypto market is extremely volatile. As a result, there is the possibility of making short-term transactions.

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