Crypto Asset and Portfolio Management in 2022 (Guide)

Learn how to earn more with these simple crypto asset strategies and crypto asset management tips.

The crypto industry has been characterized by extreme price volatility. It has been a rough ride for many investors so far, with some opting to leave the scene after encountering unbearable losses. But did you know that investing in cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be as esoteric as it is if you follow some simple crypto asset strategies?

Until recently, the primary investment strategy in this market was trading. However, as the sector continues to evolve, several crypto-asset strategies that aren’t as bumpy as the original investment options are coming up. One such remedy is crypto asset management solutions.

Let’s dive in and get a more profound revelation of the best tips you can implement to earn more with crypto assets.

Simplified Crypto Asset Management

Purchasing cryptocurrencies is more complicated than buying regular equities. As the market continues to attract more new investors, the market participants are coming up with safe and less risky ways of investing.

New traders face a myriad of challenges, including finding suitable wallets that can accept the cryptocurrencies they wish to trade. They also face long and multifaceted verification processes. The complexity of the process is a significant barrier to new traders.

The volatility of the market is also a hurdle for new investors who may lose their investment in no time due to their naivety. Even for the most experienced investors, managing cryptocurrency assets isn’t a walk in the park. This has led to the introduction of asset management to make investing in cryptocurrencies simpler and less risky.

Already, we have several funds and market players offering crypto asset management. In this case, they invest on behalf of the customers, and in return, the clients earn an interest. Some asset management companies pay high returns to their customers, with some reporting a 50% return in less than four months. Since this is a less risky investment, the number of investors and asset management funds/companies is increasing.

There's a better way to HODL earn invest with Haru Invest

Watch your earnings grow with Haru Invest.

There's a better way to HODL earn invest with Haru Invest

Watch your earnings grow with Haru Invest.

What’s the Best Way to Earn More with Crypto Assets?

The cryptocurrency market has generated a new digital economy that offers a variety of new ways of earning passive income online. The fact is that you can make authentic money with cryptocurrency besides having to trade. Interest-bearing crypto accounts are one of these new ways of earning passive income via crypto. In recent times, these accounts have become more popular.

One of the best ways to earn more with crypto assets, with minimal risk, is by putting your crypto into interest-earning bank deposits. In this case, you put your crypto assets in a savings account, and you earn interest. As it’s popularly referred to, “crypto lending” is on the rise. It offers considerably higher interest rates than the traditional savings in bank accounts.

Recently, Haru launched interest-bearing accounts for cryptocurrency investors. The accepted cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, ethereum, terra KRT, and tether. Haru lends the deposited funds to corporate and institutional borrowers to ensure loan performance. The interest received from these investments is shared with the crypto investor. Learn more about our Earn Plus product.

Crypto Asset Management in Haru

At Haru, you have three options in regards to savings. In the first option, you can earn more than 10% interest rate on any type of cryptocurrency savings without a lock-up period with our Haru Earn product. The interest on your savings compounds daily. This means the more your crypto asset remains in the account, the more you earn in interest rates. In this non-lock up savings, you can withdraw or deposit your crypto any time you wish.

Alternatively, you can opt for a monthly deposit if you want to target a higher interest rate with our Haru Earn Plus. This involves a one-month lock-up period that attracts as high as over 12% yearly interest on your crypto. In this investment option, you are allowed to renew your monthly deposit until when you choose to withdraw your crypto. This interest on your monthly deposits also compounds each day as the case with the non-lock investment option.

And also, you have got an opportunity to join our automated trading and investment world with the Haru Invest product.

The cryptocurrency interest-bearing account allows you to earn passive income as you “HODL” your coins.

Why Should You Invest With Haru?

If you choose to invest your crypto with Haru, you can expect the following:

  • Earn a high interest: You’ll earn among the highest benefits if you decide to invest your crypto with Haru. We offer among the highest rates in the market.
  • No lock-up: Crypto assets are a time-sensitive investment. That’s why Haru offers a no lock-up option for your crypto. In this case, you can withdraw or deposit your crypto anywhere and anytime.
  • Several cryptocurrencies are accepted: Haru supports four leading cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, tether, ethereum.
  • Daily compound interest: When you choose to invest your crypto in the Haru interest-bearing account, you access daily compound interest. You can check how your savings are growing daily. Open an account today and enjoy the high interest offered by this innovative bank.

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How Much Can You Earn?

As highlighted above, you stand to enjoy higher interest rates if you invest your crypto in the Haru interest-bearing accounts. Although investing in cryptocurrencies can be extremely risky due to the volatility of the market, Haru offers a profitable but less risky investment option than the traditional methods.

This bank provides more than a 10% interest rate on crypto savings and a maximum of 15% for monthly deposits of ETH, BTC, USDT with our Haru Earn and Haru Earn Plus products. But you can earn more with our Haru Invest product, check out the latest performance numbers from our Medium page. This investment is more comfortable, stable, and safe compared to traditional investments in cryptocurrencies. You can trust Haru to manage your crypto assets with professionalism and incredible expertise.

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The monthly lock-up interest is 11.1% to 15%, depending on the type of cryptocurrency. And the good news is you can withdraw the interest earned on these deposits without penalty.

How Can You Start With Haru?

Creating an interest-bearing account with Haru is pretty simple. You just need to open the account, deposit your crypto, and sit back as the Haru manages your crypto assets.

If you choose the no lock-up account, you can deposit any crypto amount, and you’re not charged when depositing or withdrawing your crypto. Still, you can transfer your crypto assets to a one-month lock-up. This account operates on a fixed interest rate and has no set minimum deposit. If you wish, you can renew your monthly deposit for an unlimited period.

If you want to open a corporate account, you can contact the support team for direction. Also, visit the FAQs page to get answers to most of the questions you may be having regarding the Haru interest-bearing accounts.

Although investing in cryptocurrencies can be tasking, especially for new adopters, the crypto investment management offered by Haru is an attractive option for those looking for less risky investments in this market.


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