Consensus 2022: Haru Invest Top Bitcoin Investment Strategies Workshop Ends in a Great Success

Haru Invest is proud to be an official sponsor of the world's largest crypto conference, Consensus 2022. Hugo Lee, our CEO, described how to survive in this thriving industry.

World’s largest crypto conference, Consensus 2022 presented by CoinDesk was held from 9 to 12 in Austin, Texas. Marking its’ 8th conference since 2015, over 20,000 attendees eagerly landed in Austin for the first in-person Consensus since 2019, following two years of a COVID-19 pandemic-induced online format. Scroll below for our recap.

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What is Consensus2022?

Consensus 2022 is a conference that showcases all sides of blockchain, crypto, Web3 and the metaverse. With 400+ talks from industry leaders and 140+ blockchain booths by exchanges, NFT, DeFi, metaverse and Web3, 100+ Consensus-adjacent events were held.

Haru Invest was proudly named as an official sponsor for Consensus 2022.

Our CEO Hugo Lee conducted a workshop on Top Bitcoin Investment Strategies.

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Consensus 2022: Haru Invest Workshop

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How well do you know about the number of cryptos being traded in the market?

Over 9,500 cryptos are being traded. That’s 8 times more than the number of stocks being traded in the New York Stock Exchange.

CEO Hugo Lee explained that in order to survive in this fast-growing industry, it is essential to focus on the growth potential of the industry and respond with long-term holding and accumulation.

In addition, several Bitcoin investment strategies were introduced and through comparative analysis of their yield, DCA(Dollar Cost Averaging) was highly recommended.

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DCA strategy is not a new strategy. Legendary investment guru Warren Buffet also supports this strategy as an approach to value investing and has long been used in the stock market as an investment strategy. This is contrary to the timing strategy – buying low and selling high.

Because of this, DCA is a way to make profit while avoiding large losses and can be a method to minimize investment time and risk of loss even in the highly volatile crypto market.

Furthermore, CEO Hugo Lee warned investors of FUD(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and included that the amount of purchasing cryptos should be flexibly adjusted based on market conditions. Lastly, Hugo added that investment should be made based on industry growth potential and data, not price.

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Haru Invest Workshop gets welcomed in Consensus 2022

For this workshop, crypto investment newcomers and experienced industry officials attended. Despite being an early morning session the conference room was filled with eager attendees and ran out of seats. Questions regarding Bitcoin investment strategies and Haru Invest followed after the session but due to the event schedule, unanswered questions were answered during an AMA session on Haru Invest subreddit. Check out the highlights for our first-ever AMA in the link below.

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