Best Platform for Automated Bitcoin Trading (2021)

Trading Bitcoin lets you take advantage of the cryptocurrency’s volatility to potentially make a profit whether the price rises or falls. But crypto trading can be incredibly time-consuming if you want to be successful. That’s why many people turn to automated Bitcoin trading.

Trading Bitcoin lets you take advantage of the cryptocurrency’s volatility to potentially make a profit whether the price rises or falls. But crypto trading can be incredibly time-consuming if you want to be successful. That’s why many people turn to automated Bitcoin trading.

Discover the most important information to know about automated Bitcoin trading as well as the best automated Bitcoin trading software.

What Should I Know About Automated Bitcoin Trading?

To start, you should know the basics of what automated Bitcoin trading is. This refers to the process of using an automated Bitcoin trading app, piece of software, platform, or bot to automatically trade the cryptocurrency for you.

Advantages of Automated Trading

Automated Bitcoin trading software saves you time by eliminating the need to manually place every trade.

It also eliminates the need to watch the market 24/7, something which is impossible. Remember that cryptocurrencies trade 24/7, which means great trading opportunities can occur at any time. By using an automated Bitcoin trading app, you can sleep or do other things without worrying about watching the market and making a trade at a moment’s notice.

Automated trading also tends to make the trades much more quickly than the average person does. This maximizes your ability to take advantage of opportunities, as the prices can change in the time it takes you to place the trade.

There is also the fact that with automated trading, the program will automatically and consistently execute trades based on pre-established factors. This takes away the psychological element of trades, something which could potentially lead to impulsive trades. Essentially, automated trades are consistently objective, which is hard for traders to achieve.

Caveats with Automated Trading

The biggest challenge with automated trading is that the average person doesn’t have the knowledge to set it up themselves. To create an automated bot or algorithm and get the results you want, you need a great deal of market experience and understanding. You need to understand indicators, technical analysis, and more. The average person doesn’t.

However, you can easily overcome that challenge by choosing an automated Bitcoin trading software created by experts. They will have done all that research for you. In the best cases, they will also constantly research to update the algorithm.

There are also potential disadvantages with trading bots, which we’ll expand on in more detail later. Once again, you can overcome this disadvantage by choosing a platform that relies on experts instead of bots.

Bitcoin Trading Bots and Their Risks

As mentioned, there are some disadvantages associated with Bitcoin trading bots that make them a less than ideal option. As a refresher, these are programs that automatically analyze the market and execute trades.

Only as Good as You Make Them

The biggest issue with trading bots is that they will only perform as well as you design them. This means that if you don’t have vast financial or crypto knowledge or coding skills, you are unlikely to see great results. It also means that a single programming error can be financially costly.

Bad with Unpredictable Situations

Additionally, there are situations when bots just can’t predict or understand market changes and you need human input. One example would be to figure out how the pandemic would affect the markets.

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Marginal Returns

On top of that, automated bots tend to produce lower returns than you would get from experts. Of course, there are exceptions to this.

Best Option for Automated Bitcoin Trading

The best option for those who want to trade Bitcoin with an automated platform is Haru Earn Explore. Importantly, Haru Earn Explore is not a bot. Instead, it is managed by experts. This overcomes the previously mentioned disadvantages of automated trading, just based on the fact that experts are involved.

With Haru Earn Explore, experts manage the automatic investment algorithm carefully. They pay attention to changes to the market and adjust the strategies in the algorithm accordingly. This lets you take advantage of their expertise, making it perfect for traders of all experience levels.

On top of that, the algorithm means that it is still automated Bitcoin trading. That algorithm monitors the market 24/7, so you never miss a potential trade.

Other Features that Make Haru Earn Explore the Best Option

We mentioned that the use of experts means you don’t need financial knowledge, but you also don’t need coding skills if you use Haru Earn Explore. That would be necessary if you wanted to create your own bot or app.

There is also an incredibly low minimum investment amount of just $10 (USD). This makes Haru Earn Explore accessible to anyone. By comparison, most expert-managed automated Bitcoin trading software requires at least $25,000 if not more to start.

On top of that, there is no management fee, compared to the typical 2 percent or higher fee from other expert-managed systems. The performance fees from Haru Earn Explore are also significantly lower. You only pay a performance fee on returns of over 15 percent APR, and then the fee is just 15 percent of total profit. By contrast, most competitors will charge performance fees of at least 20 percent regardless of your profit.

How Much I Can Earn with Haru

One of the great things about Haru is that the platform publishes biweekly performance updates on its Medium page for full transparency.

To give you an idea of what you can expect to earn with automated Bitcoin trading from Haru Earn Explore, consider the latest biweekly returns from Earn Like the Best. This BTC account had a biweekly return of 0.6596 percent in the first half of August. Annualized, this is 16.05 percent.

Haru Earn Explore also offers the Surf with the Volatility account with USDT. This accounts biweekly return in the same period was 0.7353 percent or 17.89 percent annualized. The Beyond Staking (ETH) account had a biweekly return of 0.6424 percent and 15.63 percent annualized.

If you prefer a Bitcoin savings account, the latest weekly earn rates for Haru Earn Plus at the time of writing were up to 15.4 percent.

How to Start Trading with Haru Earn Explore

Starting to trade with Haru Earn Explore is incredibly easy. Start by visiting the account website to decide which of the three account types you prefer (BTC, USDT, or ETH). Then, visit the signup page and fill out some basic information. Make your first deposit and you will be ready to get started.

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