No matter how much you own,
you deserve the best piece of
digital asset investment.

  • Successful Track Record

    Our journey in crypto investment began in Block Crafters Capital. The Haru Invest team has built expertise on crypto fund management with diverse investment strategies.

  • Experts in Digital Asset Trading

    The Haru Invest team features a group of professional traders and a competent system trading team. We generate a stable profit based on market inefficiency.

  • Partnership with Global Digital Asset Management Firms

    Collaborating with top global digital asset management firms, Haru Invest expands its global partnership. All partners of Haru Invest meet our strict set of selection criteria.

  • Haru Invest Approved Fund in BVI to Expand Its Cryptocurrency Asset Management Service

    British Virgin Islands - 23 Feb 2021

  • Haru Invest is pleased to announce the launch of an Approved Fund in the British Virgin Islands. The Fund is recognized as an “Approved Fund” under the Securities and Investment Business (Incubator and Approved Funds) Regulations, 2015 of the British Virgin Islands. For more information, click here to contact us.

  • Legal Disclaimer

    The contents of this website are not to be construed as a recommendation or advice to any prospective investor in relation to the subscription, purchase, holding, or disposition of Participating Shares. Prospective investors should consult their professional advisers accordingly.

Team Haru Invest

The Haru Invest team comes from various backgrounds. Our individual success stories in blockchain development, consulting, startup exit, and finance make us a strong team.
We like to explore the unknown and calculate risks. We are driven to always be on top of the market by creating easy-to-use services for all of our users.

Our Core Values

  • Keep It Simple

    Your investment doesn’t need to be complicated,
    our service is always simple.

  • Equal Benefits for All

    We promise the equal benefits
    to all customers.

  • Challenge the Limits

    We don’t settle on ‘good enough,’
    we always push the boundaries.

Join the Team

Haru Invest is looking for new individuals with a passion for exploring new ideas and always thinking about the next step.
If you have questions regarding the recruitment, contact us.